Quality hand-built valve amplifiers

designed to last a lifetime.

Three models: 5w combo; 20w combo; 30w  top.

Our amps are born out of a combined history of over 40 years of playing in bands – designed and made by guitarists for guitarists.

They are deliberately minimalist and utterly functional – entirely rugged – no frills.

They are ‘amps for life‘. They are not, heaven forbid, ’boutique’ amps. They are work-horses designed to survive the onslaughts of serious sustained gigging.

We’ve taken inspiration from the best bits of the best amps that we’ve used over the years and put them all together then added a few details of our own, creating the purest valve sound.

Our amps handle pedals beautifully



We have a time-served engineer on board. We make everything in-house. We cut, drill, fold and punch the chassis from sheet metal. All three of our models have the same robust construction – the combos are open-back (you can put your leads and effects pedals in there). The 3/4 ply gives a density that contributes to the sound – especially the 5 watter.

Cab: Open back; 8 metal corners; glued and screwed plywood; captive nuts for back; metal speaker and chassis cover grille; tough furnishing fabric covering; 3 coats of varnish. 15 degree upward slanting speaker baffle; tough durable handle; flat plywood base (better sound transmission through floors). Over-hanging edges and no grilles on top, to protect against having drinks spilled on them.

We’ve paid minute and impeccable attention to detail.

Best quality components; hand-wired eyelet board.

Badge: aluminium printed with letterpress and lacquered – made in house.


There’s no getting away from the fact that the sound quality of a valve amp is proportional to the quality of the transformers and speakers. At the moment we use Canadian-built Hammond transformers (we’re looking for a UK manufacturer) and AlNiCo speakers sourced from the internet.


Hartley amps