Hartley V30

30 watt top

2 6L6 power valves

12ax7 pre-amp valves

GZ34 rectifier

Bright and normal channels with 2 inputs, each with tone and volume controls.

4, 8 & 16 ohm speaker inputs.

Combined On/Off/Standby switch

Switch-able fixed and cathode bias.

Price: £1150

Made to order.

2×12 and 4×10 cabs available to order.

We were asked to build something just a bit louder for bigger gigs and came up with our own rival to amps in the AC30 niche. It’s heavily influenced by Fender’s iconic 5E5 and 5E5A Pro amps. The switchable bias gives a bit more clean headroom in fixed mode and more crunch and singing sustain in cathode mode. The pics show the first prototype in a combo cab, but 15″ alnico speakers are hard to come by and the combo is heavy, so we’ll be just making a top, with a choice of 2 x 12 and 4 x 10 speaker cabs.